There are many webbed versions of the Federalist Papers on the Internet already. Unfortunately, I’ve never found one that was simultaneously nice-looking and useful, so I went ahead and made an online edition of the Federalist Papers which is pleasant to look at and provides paragraph-level permalinking.

I marked up the Federalist Papers in reasonably semantic HTML using the hAtom microformat with Emacs.

I’ve styled with an elastic layout, so (among other things) you should be able to resize the font to your liking without blowing up the layout.

I set in Goudy Bookletter 1911, a lovely, public domain typeface made avaiable by The Crud Factory. I converted Goudy Bookletter 1911 from .otf to .eot with FontForge and ttf2eot as described in How to create EOT files without Microsoft WEFT. The favicon is set in miha’s subpixel italic.


Thanks to Patrick Crowley for the domain name idea, Bill Sullivan for his encouragement, and Erin — for putting up with me working on this when I should have been working on the Snowclones Database.